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What is a Web Hosting Reseller Business?

Reseller web hosting is a business that involves one hosting provider company, renting its hard drive space and bandwidth to another small or medium-size business or company, who then rents the space to third parties like entrepreneurs or small businesses.  

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own web hosting business, or web developers and designers who desire to add additional services to their brand, can benefit from this service. 

How does a web hosting reseller work?

A web hosting reseller business works by taking a powerful hosting plan from a hosting company and splitting it into small chunks. These hosting plans are then resold to a number of customers by keeping your profit on the money you have spent. 

To understand this, consider an example that you purchase a plan which costs you $50/month. Then you split it into 22 plans and resell each plan for $7/month. In this way, you’d earn a profit of roughly $104/month. 

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Some web hosting companies also offer white-labeling. This service means that they will provide all the necessary support and maintenance work using your company name instead of theirs.

How to start a web hosting reseller business?

What is a Web Hosting Reseller Business?

To get started, you have to follow these steps;

  • Research and select a hosting company. Hostgator is a good option as it has budget-friendly packages from where you can easily start as it offers a discount on the first term. Take a look:
Aluminum PlanNow 33% OFF!60 GB Disk Space600 GB BandwidthUnlimited DomainsFree SSL Certificate Starting At $19.95/monthCopper PlanNow 41% OFF!90 GB Disk Space900 GB BandwidthUnlimited DomainsFree SSL Certificate Starting At $24.95/monthSilver PlanNow 58% OFF!140 GB Disk Space1400 GB BandwidthUnlimited DomainsFree SSL Certificate Starting At $24.95/month
  • Look into the reseller packages and purchase the one that meets the goals of your business. But has consistent, reliable service and support because it’s your name that will be on the line when dealing with your customers so when selecting package look for:
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • At least 1 site builder
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Private nameservers
  • Brandable client panel
  • 24/7/365 impeccable support
  • A 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Fully-managed services
  • Try to Know and understand your target market to locate new customers. Remember, it is vital to offer your customers the best possible web hosting experience before building your clientele.  
  • Create your own branded hosting packages according to the needs of your targeted customers and set your price by keeping your profit mark-up.
  • Sell your hosting packages to your clients and earn a profit.

Tips and Tricks for Running a Successful Web Hosting Reseller Business

Here is a roadmap with important tips to start and make money from web hosting reseller Business successfully.

  • Start with a short and memorable Web Hosting brand name that can attract the customer’s attention.
  • Make a plan according to your target market.
  • Decide the hosting plans that you intend to provide and select only those plans at the beginning which you feel competent about.
  • Choose a good provider with an excellent reputation for reseller hosting.
  • Make a Website with good Design and suitable control panel for your Business.
  • Advertise your core strength and competitive advantages.
  • Let your customers know what you can do best and what other services you may be able to offer.
  • Explore the market and establish a good client base. 
  • Make efforts to grow your clientele and also expand your business in other markets.

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