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Published on August 14th, 2017 | by Broz


PLR Jackpot Review


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then you need products and content to grow your business. But sadly, you’re uninspired. You felt stuck and stretched out. Marketing makes you feel like you’re lost at sea. You don’t know the type of content to create or how you can use said content to bring in new clients.

If you’re like most people, then you’re aware of how challenging it can be to create new content from scratch.

The PLR Jackpot offers a solution to all your content problems from videos, to articles, eBooks and whatever type of content you require.


PLR Jackpot brings you products that have been written, created, and produced by independent authors but for your personal use. These products come with private label rights (PLR).

Anytime you purchase one of the PLR Jackpots for resale you’re given specific rights to resell them by yourself. The profits from the reselling are all yours, that’s right, 100 percent of the money from all the sales that have happened and will happen are going to your pocket. That means no more worrying about owing any profits back to Resale Enterprises on the products once you’ve purchased that product

PLR Jackpot offers all their products in digital formats. This means they come in the form of software, graphics, video, eBooks, and any other product form that can be downloaded to a computer.

Since all the products are digital, you don’t need to buy a resellers license every time a product is sold. You just need to keep selling, after all, there are no limits to the number of times a product can be sold.

The products on the PLR Jackpot can be sold as digital downloads, or you could sell them on your blog, website, through email marketing, using DVD, CDs, Blu-ray, or any other medium you can come up with.


Some of the model courses on the PLR Jackpot include:

  • PLR to 3 Full Video Courses
  • PLR to Udemy-Proven Course “Niche “
  • 50 Internet Marketing eBooks with PLR
  • 50 Self-Help eBooks with PLR
  • 30 Niche eBooks with PLR
  • 1000 Personal Development Articles with PLR
  • Instant Graphics Collection with PLR

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to the PLR Jackpot, you no longer have to worry about your next content. Your content needs whether it is articles, niche sites, eBooks, videos, are completely covered.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The benefits of the PLR Jackpot is easy to see. It is cheap; you can customize and individualize them as you wish. They are usually sold to a fixed number of buyers so that the risk of getting caught with a generic type of material after customization is minimal.  So if you’re looking to quickly populate a content channel with suitable material with a dash of your personality, then the PLR Jackpot is the product for you. The downside of it is while the chances of having content that’s similar to someone else is small, it’s not zero.

Common Questions Asked

  1. What is PLR?

PLR is used in referring to private label rights content. It is a particular service where the content creator licenses the content use to others. This means that you can edit the contents, resell it or give it away, as long as it is within the terms of the license. PLR even lets you place your name as the author instead of the creator. PLR is available as eBooks, articles, audios, software, videos, WordPress themes, short reports and much more.

  1. Can I do whatever I please with the content?

Not exactly. You may need to read the particular PLR or resell rights license to know just what you can do with a particular product. Some licenses tend to be more lenient than others. If you’re not sure of the license details, don’t go about assuming you have that particular right. Contact the content creator as soon as possible to find if that right is included.

  1. How does PLR content help me make money?

There are a dozen different ways that you can profit from PLR content. You could set it up on a sales page and keep on promoting the page. Don’t forget that all the benefits from the PLR content go to you.

Alternatively, you could take an eBook and chop it up to make dozens of blog posts. The average eBook could supply you with enough content to fill your blog for six months straight, if not more. And because you’re not posting a PLR article, the chances of seeing your content on someone else’s blog is next to nothing. Also, you could turn the PLR eBook into an audio book.


With the PLR Jackpot content, you save yourself some time and money as you get to dial down on time spent creating materials and other products. Because you can profit from the resell rights content or the PLR content in a variety of ways, it makes PLR one of the best investments you can get for your product info business.

The PLR Jackpot lets you enjoy all the benefits of PLR and a couple of others that’ll take your business to new heights and is sure to bring you tons of profit.



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