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How to Make Money from Ebooks?

Internet usage has transformed so many things in the world. People now use this facility to make their everyday lives easy from household to business. Businesses use email to market their products and services, Skype for meetings, and earn a living by selling on Amazon.

eBooks Make Money

EBooks are a solid online money-making venture for an individual entrepreneur, as nearly 89 million Americans are estimated to be active ebook readers. Ebooks are entirely digital and are read on devices like Amazon’s Kindle, tablet, smartphones, or even on a computer. They are frequently packaged as a PDF document, so these can be sent easily from one user to another.

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The big publishing houses have big offices, writers, editors, and administrative staff and have to deal with printing presses. Then distribution centers get the books out to bookstores around the country. But you can do all of this with your computer from the comfort of your own home. Selling eBooks eliminate the expense and hassle of actually creating books, storing them, and delivering them as you won’t be dealing with printed books that may not even sell. 

There are many ways you can go about writing your eBook, editing, and selling it. So, here is how to make money with ebooks.

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How to write an ebook?

How to Make Money from Ebooks?

Ebooks are written in a format that can be delivered or downloaded online. There’s no established rule to bring together your content into an ebook as it mostly follows the structure of a traditional novel or textbook, depending on what you are writing about. However, there are some differences you should be careful about when writing an ebook. Here is a quick guide to writing an ebook. 

  • Know your niche well
  • Research your target audience and topic
  • Make sure you have the right editing program
  • Write, edit and proofread the eBook
  • Add images, graphics and create the cover art
  • Upload it to a hosting platform for programmed delivery or your blog
  • Promote and make money with ebooks

Good old Microsoft Word is fine for writing your content, but you can also use any writing software for some added eBook writing features like Sqribble. If you use Microsoft Word, then after completion and editing, you will have to save it in PDF format.

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Book editing is critical to the success of your eBook, as well as its writing process. You can hand the manuscript to friends and family or have it edited professionally. After editing, you should move to graphics and cover part and create eye-catching and relevant graphics. You can also choose from many graphics software to develop a convenient eBook cover.

How to sell an ebook?

Use of a third-party site like Amazon is one of the easiest ways to sell and make money with ebooks, but they charge a commission on your sales. However, the procedure of selling your ebook on Kindle is straightforward. You sign up, upload your ebook, and they take care of converting your ebook to their proprietary format, and your ebook is ready to sell.

The essential factor is to price your eBook, which will depend on different factors like:

  • The length of your eBook
  • What kind of eBook is it? Fiction, Educational, instructional, entertainment
  • How much the similar eBooks in your niche are selling for?
  • Will you sell the eBook on your website or a publishing platform?
  • Will you use tiered pricing?

Mostly ebooks are priced depending on the platform used to sell the eBook like blog, Amazon, etc. and the price that other ebooks in the niche are selling for. If you are a blogger, then you can use your blog as your selling platform and enjoy these benefits:

  • you will be able to set your own price
  • gather all profits from the eBook sales
  • You can make an affiliate program for your eBook
  • Assemble email addresses for future eBook advertisings 
  • Will only require a simple PDF version of your eBook 

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