Make Money Online How to Get Paid for Opinions?

Published on November 14th, 2019 | by Review Broz


How to Make Money and Get Paid for Opinions?

We have been told, more than once, to keep our opinions to ourselves, but did you know that you can actually make money by sharing your opinions.

Yes, that is right. You can make money from opinions and in most cases, from the comfort of your own home and with the help of a laptop. You can earn extra cash by taking part in market research or even attending as an online juror. Let’s find out how it is possible. 

Make money from your opinions

Businesses hire marketing research firms to get inside the heads of customers to measure their attitudes about specific products and services. And to do so, they need individuals to take part in surveys and focus groups. These companies or businesses pay the participants with cash, merchandise or gift cards for their time. Lawyers also pay people to evaluate cases and give feedback before they go to trial. So, here is how you can get paid for opinions.

How to Get Paid for Opinions?

1.Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the easiest and common ways to earn money when it comes to making money from opinions. Companies genuinely rely on and value user feedback because it helps them to improve their products and services. Taking online surveys do not pay tons because they typically take very little of your time. However, it is very easy to get started and make some extra money in your spare time sitting in front of your laptop in your home.

All you have to do is to take a few minutes out of your time to give your candid opinion about a wide-ranging variety of topics and products available on the internet. Many people view survey companies as scam. The truth is, scams do exist, but there are also several legitimate opportunities, and Gold Opinions is an example that allows you to choose from thousands of high paying surveys and work from home no matter where you are in the world. You receive payments through PayPal, check, or wire transfer and can also redeem sensational rewards and gadgets from Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Sony and more!

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Some survey companies also offer referral programs so you can help your friends and earn a little extra money together.

2. Be an Online Juror

Some attorneys use and pay online mock jurors to get an opinion on their cases before they go to trial. However, you must be from the federal district or the county where the case proceedings will be tried. Moreover, you can’t be an attorney, legal assistant, paralegal or even related to an attorney to take part.

There are many sites where you can sign up and receive e-mail notifications if any case is posted in your district. These cases can take 20 minutes to an hour to evaluate. 

3. Give an Online Review

When we use a new product, our first reaction is usually to a family member or a friend about it. But do you know that your feedback worth money if you give online reviews?

Reviewing services and products online is an easy and quick way to get paid for opinions. Word-of-mouth referrals are exceptionally popular because a majority of internet users search for reviews on a service or product before making a decision, which can mark your review as significant to a business. There are many sites to help you get started if you’re interested in making money by giving reviews.

4. Join a Focus Group

Focus groups pay very well. Market research companies pay partakers top dollar to meet and talk over products, community, services, and personal issues, and more. If you can share your opinion comfortably, you must consider participating in some focus groups.

However, to participate in a focus group, you must qualify for it as market researchers often look for a specific demographic and age group.

So, earning extra money from opinions is easy because all you have to do is share your views and give honest feedback.

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