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BlackBird Amazon Seller Review

BlackBird Amazon Seller Technology Review


Tired of losing clients on Amazon? Are you looking for a way to monitor your Amazon business? Need a way to help you generate positive customer feedback? Are you looking for successful strategies and tactics that you can apply to your product? Want help monitoring your competition and figuring out what they do that work? Or maybe you just need help establishing yourself as an Amazon Seller?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then what you’re looking for – even though you may not be aware of it – is the BlackBird Amazon Seller Technology. All of its unique features are designed to help take your business to the next level. With the Blackbird Amazon technology, you can monitor your business, track your products, spy on your competition, keep in touch with your customers, all in one location.


The Blackbird Amazon Seller technology satisfies the needs of both the newbie who’s just starting out from scratch and the seasoned Amazon seller. It is brought to you by three experts all of whom make millions off of Amazon yearly.  The Blackbird suite packages all the tools and award winner tactics and strategies you’ll ever need to run and grow a million dollar Amazon business.

The Blackbird suite will show you ways to make more profit by increasing your reviews, help you track your product and keep an eye on your competitor’s Intel. If you’ve been thinking of the what product to sell next, then the Opportunity Finder can help you find the next Big Product that’s guaranteed to generate tons of cash.

It can also assist you with locating relevant and high-converting keywords for your product.  The Blackbird University also teaches you some interesting secrets to selling on Amazon. It is an all-in-one software solution for sellers on Amazon and the ultimate tool to include in your arsenal.


Some of the features you can enjoy with the Blackbird Amazon Seller Technology include:

  • Track your sales, products, reviews, pricing, and ranking.

Track up to 500 keywords and analyze up to 100 products

  • Keep in touch with your customers

Send your clients friendly reminders to leave you 5-star reviews

  • Search the Amazon marketplace using the opportunity finder

Find out what’s selling and what your next big product should be using the opportunity finder

  • Monitor Negative Reviews

Be informed whenever someone leaves you a negative review

  • Keep an eye on your competition

Spy on your competition to figure out what tactic they’re implementing to move their product.

Customer Satisfaction

This product keeps a bird’s eye view of your business allowing you to monitor it every step of the way. It also lets you communicate with your customers to help increase customer feedback. Blackbird makes managing your business an easy affair. With this product, you can see nearly all your Amazon operations in one place for a monthly charge.

Blackbird also offers various teaching webinars where you can learn some of the best business strategy and sales tactics from multi-million dollar Amazon sellers.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Blackbird’s Amazon Seller technology offers several benefits and features that give you an edge in the Amazon seller marketplace. Have you been searching for your major big product? Maybe you wish to know how the competition is faring? Or perhaps you simply need a way to push your product to the top. Whatever the case may be, Blackbird’s Amazon Seller technology has you covered.

Common Questions Asked

  1. How does Blackbird help to increase customer feedback?

Years of selling on Amazon has thought us that unsatisfied and unhappy buyers tend to leave feedback than the satisfied ones. Sending friendly and gentle reminders helps to increase your chance of getting positive feedback considerably.

      2. How many emails can I send?

Blackbird comes with different subscription packages and the number of emails you can send depend on your preferred subscription. There’s Business, Pro, and Unlimited. The Business package has a monthly cap of 15,000 emails, with Pro you get 50,000, and unlimited offers unlimited emails.

  1. Can Blackbird help me figure out my next Big Product?

Yes, it can. It utilizes the opportunity finder feature to help you find your next big product.


The Amazon seller marketplace is an extremely competitive and fiercely cut-throat place these days. As more and more retailers are jumping on board to get a slice of the pie, you need to learn how to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s no longer enough to have a great product and good selling tactic in today’s Amazon seller marketplace. Sure that’ll go a long way in helping you stand out, but to move ahead of the competition at all times, you’re going to need something extra.

The Blackbird Amazon seller technology gives you that “something extra” to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, grow your business, and rake in the profit.

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